Main feature:

1. One set of software can control up to 4096 nozzles at the same time, that is 16 DMX universes.

The number of nozzles also determines the degree of detail of imaging. There are 256 nozzles in the example project, and only ArtNet signals are supported for the time being.

2. The application modes are as follows:

    Two pattern generators,
    Text input,
    Realtime Clock,
    Kinect human body contour projetion.

3. Text input mode supports custom fonts without actually installing them.

4. The userfolder mode supports reading custom pictures and movies. The image is preferably black and white, the ratio is 1:1. The scale of the actual effect can be adjusted by the speed.   

5. There are two styles of number and graphic in Clock mode, which can automatically switch the display.

This software is based on Touchdesigner, you needs to be installed before run it.

The subscription version needs to be bound to the computer.


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