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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Of course, We will provide relevant technical support for all software in ourt store, to facilitate you can quick start.

Our store only has the partial software to provide has the trial version, which softwre you are quite interested specifically, you can send the mail to our.

We will release the corresponding update content in Blog, if there is new version released. Of course, we will also publish the news in Our Facebook homepage. You can login to your account and then go to the Downloads section to download your purchased software updates.

If it is because of the hardware quality of the USB stick can not work, We will replace it for you and bear the return freight.

You need to install the orresponding software according to the instalation instructions provided in the USB stick, and then prepare the required hardware and configure them before you run it.

You can contact ussd directly for the cooresponding discount information.

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