Auto-LaserTrace system

Main feature:

1. Supports Trace in both text and graphics modes. The text mode supports single-line and normal English fonts. Additionally, it allows you to use fonts directly without the need for font installation on the computer.

2. The graph mode supports static images and video conversion for laser output. You can directly play local files or use NDI video streams. 

3. The software provides six trace effects: point, erase, write, scann, cut, and spread..

4. It supports outputting laser frame to Beyond software. Simultaneously, it can output rendered visuals through NDI for other software to overlay on different layers. It also allows for perspective mapping adjustments to synchronize and align the laser visuals with LED screens.

This software is based on Touchdesigner, you needs to be installed before run it.

Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $539.00.

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