CamTracker (UE)v3.0

    Virtual Production system developed for UE.

    There are three versions according to the output reslution:  4K,1080P,720P.

Main feature:

1. support 1 trackeing camera and 4 fixed cameras.

2. support vive tracker (support one key to set the origin, no room calibration is required),  intel realsense T265 (support the function of record the origin ),freed , ncam, stype and Antilatency Tracking System.

3. Professional green screen matting system, support partition matting.

4. support OCIO and LUT and post color grading.

5. Three screen mapping modes: billboard ,3screens,4screens.

6. Support 10 video clips recrodings in real time. includ green screen video, keyed video and mask video.

The subscription version needs to be bound to the computer.

This software is based on Touchdesigner, you needs to be installed before run it.


Video Demonstration