Instructions for V2LASER


1.   Video output to Laser. (The splicing function can be realized by using Arena, which is currently only applicable to Beyond).

2.   The outline of human body output to laser (It needs to be used with Kinect2.0).

3.    Support Beyond and kinds of multiple DACs(LaserOS- USB/WIFI,Helios,Etherdream, there are all single output).

Interface functions:

1.   Title Bar. You can click and drag the title bar to move the window.  The SAVE PROJECT button is used to save the relevant                     parameter settings, the Settings button can switch the parameter panel (on the left side of the preview window) to global                     setting options. Then there is the FPS. Make sure that when you run this software, the frame rate is not lower than 30.                           If the frame rate is lower than 30, the CPU performance of your computer is insufficient. Further to the right is the infomation of         WIFICUBE related status .

2.   Parameter Panel. This is the same as the parameter panel of Kinect2LASER, which is divided into two pages. The difference is             that in addition to the Settings page , the other is the parameter setting panel of each laser. You can  click LASER1-6 buttons               to switch to the corresponding laser parameter setting panel. 

       Before watching the parameter panel, let’s take a look at the slider above the panel to set the number of lasers for the splicing             screen. Don’t set it too much to waste system resources. When the rear SYNC button is turned on, the purple parameters of all           spotlights are synchronized with the purple parameters in Laser1, except for the red parameters, which are the settings related           to the video input of each laser. The setting parameters of each laser have been fully explained in the instructions of                             Kinect2LASER before, and you can click this link to view. 

      It should be mentioned that when splicing, it is usually necessary to set the Border Width to 2 to remove the border at the splice.

      For the Settings panel, the basic similar to Kinect2LASER, it  is necessary to do not adjust for the Step Size and Vertex Hold                options in the Other DACs, to prevent to scanner overload operation, it is usually enough to leave the default, which can be                    reset by right-clicking on the parameter name.

3.   Video input signal monitor window. When you enable multiple lasers for splicing, the corresponding monitoring image and                   number will be displayed here. The default display is the inpurt of the video image to facilitate view changes when you                         processing the image. At this time, the upper hand points to the option of Level Adjust, and when you click on this hand’s icon,           it will switch the monitor to the converted laser image(Laser Layout).

4.   Laser preview window. The left window is Beyond mointor, you can click on this red hand to switch it , the right window is the              Other DACs mointor, you can click on this blue hand to switch it. Beyond’s preview screen is a normal rendering frame,and                does not show the actual laser output effect.  And the preview window of DAC is rendered at the actual sampling rate , and                  if the picture is complex, it will flicker. 

Relevant Hardware and software:

1.     Arena. This is one of the most popular VJ software. We mainly use it to play video and send NDI streaming media to                             V2LASER. You can also use it to do the picture splicing, UV mapping and picture delay setting. For the UV mapping, you can                 also use beyond’s own free-form mesh tool to do it . When you use it to play video, it is recommended that you adjust the                     resolution of original video so that the resolution of each laser is limited to 512*512. if the computer performance is                             insufficient, you can also use  256*256 to minimize the consumption of resources.

2.    Beyond. It is essential to use beyond for picture splicing, and the support for other DACs is limited to one signal , so it can’t be             used for splicing. 

3.    The hardware to use is Kinect2.0, and XBOX One is usually available, but it needs to be used with adapter that connects to PC.            In terms of drivers, if you use WIN10, after you connect it to the computer, the system will automatically identify and install the            corresponding driver. After successful installation, you should be able to find it in the Device window. V2Laser only supports                the projection of human contours.


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