Instructions for Kinect Lighting Draw v1.5


1.   Support to enable the second screen to display the interactive effect in full screen.

2.   The brightness of the line is adjustable.

3.   Backgrounds can be recolored to simulate lighting effects.

4.   True 3D painting capability.

5.   Supports post-adjustment of drawing posture to facilitate photography.

Interface functions:

1.   First, Let’s look at the parameters in the left column. The Demon Screen option will display your drawing in full screen on the               second screen. There are two color mode, one is the fixed color mode, and the other is the rainbow mode. When you switch                 the color mode to Fixed and the BG ColorAdjust option is OFF, you can use the color picker below to adjust the color of the                   drawing. When the BG ColorAdjust option is turned on , you can adjust the color of the background video. This is a good way               to highlight the foreground drawing in a bright background environment. 

       In the middle triangle of the color picker, you can adjust the saturation and brightness of the color, and in the outer circle, you               can adjust the hue of color. Once the color is set , you can click the round button in the lower left corner to add it to the preset             color block below, so that you can click and choose at any time. 

       There is a reset button in the lower left corner of the color picker, which is used to reset all the parameters below with one click.         These parameters are mainly used to adjust the position and rotation , rotation speed and zoom of the drawing.

       Next, let’s look at the parameters at the top of the preview window. The first is the switch of Kinect camera, and the second is             Gesture. Both options must be turned on to draw properly. After the drawing is completed, the Gesture switch can be turned               OFF to prevent false triggering.  When the gesture switch is turned on, you can make a fist with your right hand to start drawing,         and open your right hand to end drawing. If you want to clear the screen, you can make a fist with your left hand to clear the                 screen when you activate the LeftH button. When you finish drawing, you can click the Red Heart button to lock it. 

       There are two ways to record, one is to take pictures, and the other is to record videos. If you want to take a picture, please                   switch the file format to JPG, then click the file icon on the far right, set the path to svae the file, modify the file with the suffix             JPG, and click the record button. If you want to record a video, you need to switch the file format to MOV first, then click the file           icon, set the suffix to MOV in the file browser, click the switch record button to ON, the recording has started, and click again to           end the recording. 


1.    The hardware to use is Kinect2.0, and XBOX One is usually available, but it needs to be used with adapter that connects to PC.            In terms of drivers, if you use WIN10, after you connect it to the computer, the system will automatically identify and install the            corresponding driver. After successful installation, you should be able to find it in the Device window. I will add support for                  video capture cards in subsequent versions, so that professional camera pictrues can be used as backgrounds to further                      imporve the quality of the picture. 



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